Three Problem Paper Products

Three Problem Paper Products

Plastic gets a lot of attention for causing problems in the recycling, but few realize that much of the unwanted garbage that ends up in our recycling are paper products. Here are three paper products that are often mistakenly placed in the recycling.

All three of these products have barrier plastic injected into the paper during the pulping process so they can hold up to extreme temperatures and moisture. Not only are they hard to recycle, they cause problems for the recycling of office paper, newspaper, magazines and cardboard.


Coffee Cups


Freezer Containers


Take Out


They all Three go in the garbage.

Garbage collection reduces litter and keeps our recyclables clean from unwanted materials.

Even if the label says to recycle or compost these items, they belong in the garbage.

Reuse avoids these materials AND conserves natural resources!

Servers can fill liquid containers, but not food. The pyrex is still useful for leftovers at restaurants or bringing your own lunch to work instead of take away.