Beaverton Far West Recycling Closes

Beaverton Far West Recycling Closes 

Over the years, residents have been able to recycle a wide range of materials like tennis shoes, cooking oil, bulky plastic to 1-7 plastics, block Styrofoam, electronics and all kinds of metals thanks to the Beaverton Far West Recycling. The facility has played an important role on the recycling scene for folks in West Portland and Beaverton since 1980. They receive and sort materials from the recycling trucks that pick up materials from our curbside carts in this area. They also offer drop off recycling for residents who want to recycle materials that are not accepted in the curbside program.

So when the Master Recycler Program posted on Facebook in early February that the Beaverton location would be losing its lease and closing operation, many people shared their disappointment. One commenter stated, “This is sad. Starting when my children were little we recycled there. My son (now an adult) and I were just there last weekend.”

Metro and the Cities of Beaverton and Portland have been in communication with Far West Recycling since they let the local jurisdictions know that they were closing. All parties are eager to find a location that suites the needs of the company. It would be ideal to identify a location that could serve as a Material Recovery Facility and a drop off depot, but they may have to settle for one or the other.

The Beaverton Far West Recycling depot will stop taking material from the public on March 31st.

Here are some alternative options:

Far West Recycling two nearest locations

  • Hillsboro 6440 SE Alexander St
  • Lake Oswego 341 Foothills Road

Call Metro 503-234-3000 or

We will post any developments for the Beaverton FWR on Facebook and future newsletters.