Beer Festivals Compost and Recycling 2015 Sucesses

Congratulations to the Green team at the Oregon Brewer's Festival for a job well done. Mitzi Sugar of Sweet Green Events is the Sustainability Coordinator at the event. She is Master Recycler from Class 44 who became such an expert in recycling, compost and waste prevention at events she started her own business consulting at larger events. 

Mitzi and a core of Master Recyclers train and supervise the Green team of volunteers to manage all of the waste at the event. They were able compost 17 tons of food and 52% of the waste overall was either recycled or composted. Mitzi also put into place great waste prevention techniques like having one station for condiments so that vendors don't have to hand out individual packets.

Just weeks later the Organic Brewers Festival took place with similar goals and success. And they landed KGW news for their efforts.


Thank you to these Master Recyclers for helping the OBF meet their sustainability goals this year. 

Elna Otto
Miriam Reeber
Kate McPherron
Marlene Olveda (2 shifts)
Calvin Agricola (2 shifts)
Liz Erickson
Megan McCoy
Francisco Gadea
Heather Cyrus