Radiant and Resourceful

Congratulations to Lane’ Bigsby, née Richards (Class 39), on a super sustainable wedding. There are few places more appropriate then a wedding to pause and reflect on values.

Lane’ showed that being resourceful in wedding planning can have stunningly beautiful results, be sustainable and refocus energy where it is important. Each detail (from the dress to the dishes) had a life and purpose before and after the wedding. She gathered gently used materials to repurpose for the celebration and then ensured that there was a plan for each item after the wedding. This approach is nicely symbolic of how two people came together with their own histories for a wedding celebration and then plan to sustain the relationship long after that day.

Lane’ also learned that she loved doing it. So much so that it inspired her to create Something Borrowed {Portland}, a bridal and wedding goods library. Something Borrowed {Portland} rents a variety of wedding decor and goods to the community. In addition, gently used wedding goods are welcome donations to the library for future bridesto-be.