Construction, Remodeling and Demolition Waste

In the metro region, an ordinance entitled Enhanced Dry Waste Recovery Program (EDWRP) requires that dry waste from construction and demolition be processed at a dry waste recovery facility to pull out recyclables before the waste is dumped in a landfill. Portland has additional requirements. For all building projects within the city where the total job cost (including both demolition and construction phases) exceeds $50,000, the general contractor shall ensure that 75% of the solid waste produced on the job site is recycled.

In addition, the following materials must be recycled or reused: • Rubble (concrete/asphalt) • Land Clearing Debris • Corrugated Cardboard • Metal • Wood

The general contractor is responsible to ensure recycling at the job site, including recycling by sub-contractors, and for completing a Pre-Construction Recycling Plan Form. Where no general contractor has been named on the permit application, the property owner is considered the responsible party. Enforcement will be complaint driven and a penalty of up to $500 may be imposed on those who do not comply.